Scandinavian Sheepdog Championship

Scandinavian Sheepdog Championship here at Hindsholm from friday the 10/9  till sunday the 12/9.

Two days of qualifying and top 15 in a double gather finale, with 700 meter outrun.

(Click at the picture)

Qualifying course.

Follow the Championship with live results and pictures at:

Sponsored by Hill’s

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Bob was 6th.

Bob was 6th. at the Continental 2010 double gather finale in Liglet France.

Full result and pictures here :

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Two talented youngsters

These two youngsters has started their training at 16 month of age. Ted and Fanny is in many ways similar in the way they work. Very positiv, open, and there is “plenty” in them.

Ted and Fanny is out of Chica and by Bob, we have done this combination before with great succes, that’s the reason why we have kept these two pups.



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Bob won the last trial

Bob won the last trial in Holstebro (25.7.2010), before the Continental Sheepdog Championship in France.

Willi was 3th at 93 points, the same as Bob, but Bob was better at OLF.

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Qualified for the Continental Championship

At the last qualificationtrial in Holstebro (27/3), Bob won at 98 points and Willi was 4th at 86 points, which mean they both qualified for the 2010 Continental Sheepdog Championship in Liglet France. 19-22 august.

Scandinavian Championship at Hindsholm. Denmark. 10-12/9.  And the Danish National double gather final 17/10.


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2009 was another succesfull trialingyear for our dogs.

First of all, Chica won the Danish National doublegather final, on a very challenging course.


Bob won the Storå Cup arranged by Peter Hélen in Holstebro.

Storå Cup is a new cup of four trials over the year. One open trial, one open with 16 sheep and sorting, and finally two doublegather trials.  Best dog all together is the winner. Bob won the Storå Cup with a clear margien.

The best victory in 2009 was Willi winning the “Landskonkurrence”, on a tuff course and very difficult sheep.

Two days with open trials, best dog all together is the winner. Bob came 3th.

Willi is proving to be as good as predicted.


This was the 6th time we are winning the “Landskonkurrence”.

Tweed two times, Jill two times, Bob one time and now Willi one time.

Tony and Chica Danish National winners 2009

Happy new year and a succesfull trialingyear 2010 to every one…. 🙂

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Pups 3 1/2 week

The pups is now 3 1/2 week old, they are all very healthy and full of energy.

Chica and pups out in the sun

Of course we are eating “Hill’s Puppy”…

Give me a call at +45 40541413 or send me a email, at if you want to bye one of this lovely pups.

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Lambing time

Till now 500 of 750 lambs has come to live, so we are still very busy.

In the weekend we had all 500 sheep sheared.

The first 100 sheep with there lambs, is today “send” on summergrass. Tomorrow the next lot go to the island of Mejlø.

Lots of work to the dogs…. 

Sheep and lambs


Feeding time….

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The World of Sheepdogs

In the new book “The World of Sheepdogs” there is, among many other,  a portrait of Bob and I.

The World of Sheepdog

The book is written by Angie Driscoll from Wales.

About the Book
The World of Sheepdogs
is a photographic tribute to working sheepdogs the world over.  We hope that for the many border collie and trialling enthusiasts around the world this book puts form and face to some of the dogs and handlers that most of us only get to read about in the results columns of local newspapers. The book features fifty-two dogs and their handlers from nineteen countries, plus many other photographs of top-flight sheepdogs.

You can read more about the book and order it here:

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Pups for sale

Pups for sale, more info under “Pups”

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